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Service ... Trust ... Returns ... are the pillars of SIMI’s business philosophy. We believe that by providing tremendous Service along with sound financial guidance, we are able to develop an extraordinary level of Trust with clients. These combine with SIMI’s deliberate, analytical and time-tested investment processes leading to very attractive investment Returns.

SIMI’s core values impact everything we do, every decision we make and every interaction we have with our clients.


  • We treat clients as we would expect to be treated.
  • SIMI provides personalized service through a senior member of our team. Clients are not handed off to junior employees.
  • We spend an extensive amount of time getting to know our clients in order to properly identify their financial goals and assess appropriate risks. As a client’s financial situation evolves, their SIMI portfolio will be modified to meet changing life events and goals.
  • We believe the more a client understands about their investments, the stronger our working relationship becomes. This holds true for our clients’ SIMI portfolios as well as the guidance we offer in every aspect of our clients’ financial lives.
  • SIMI routinely engages in financial planning with our clients. We create custom financial plans using a proprietary software program. SIMI provides clients with a detailed, intuitive and flexible financial roadmap that is interactive and can easily be revisited as client circumstances change.
  • SIMI commonly serves multiple generations of our clients’ families. We enjoy helping to plant the seeds of financial success with younger family members by providing financial counseling to young adults, and are often engaged to work closely with our clients’ other relatives.


  • As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), SIMI is legally obligated to uphold the highest level of fiduciary responsibility to our clients. We are not a stock or insurance broker.
  • Clients’ interests are always placed above our own personal and professional interests.
  • SIMI eliminates conflicts of interest by not accepting commissions, fee-sharing agreements, promotions or gifts from any third-party and by not selling financial or insurance products.
  • SIMI is an independent investment advisory firm. As such we are free from the pressures of having to sell a parent company’s financial or insurance products, services or funds. This gives SIMI the flexibility to use what we believe are the very best investments for our clients.
  • To maximize security for clients, SIMI custodies all client assets with an independent third-party financial institution. Clients have secure online access to their accounts anytime.


  • SIMI employs a disciplined investment process that we have honed over six decades of combined investment experience. Our process incorporates extensive research, detailed fundamental analysis and a common sense approach that guides every decision.
  • Every client’s financial goals are unique and each client has a different willingness and ability to take on risk. As such, no two client portfolios are identical.
  • Client portfolios are constructed using a combination of investments that may include stocks, mutual funds, ETFs and index funds. Our diversified portfolios include both U.S. and international equities and fixed income as well as various alternative assets.
  • SIMI engages in a standard of continuous portfolio review. SIMI advisors personally monitor the individual investments and performance of every client account, as well as global financial markets and economic cycles. We proactively make changes to client portfolios, creating significant value for our clients.
  • SIMI provides clients with a detailed and clear picture of their bottom-line portfolio returns in quarterly performance reports.
  • SIMI’s investment recommendations always factor in expenses and tax implications in order to maximize client returns.
  • Our advisory fees are structured to offer an excellent value for clients and to minimize client expenses.