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  Mark A. Child  
    Principal & Investment Advisor
     Direct Phone - 540.364.2601
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MARK CHILD joined SIMI as a partner 1998. He has overseen several of the operating components of the investment advisory practice while also developing client relationships. Using financial analysis skills developed from his many years in banking, he has the ability to analyze investments and provide easy to understand explanations to clients. Mark has helped many families’ transition financial assets between generations and finds it “rewarding to help clients move from financially successful to financially significant.” He is able to accommodate clients’ needs through a holistic approach to financial management, whereby his involvement is not just limited to investment management, rather it includes all financial aspects of their lives.

Mark started his career in retail bank management and then moved into commercial real estate lending where he was responsible for loan generation and the ongoing oversight and management of a commercial real estate loan portfolio. Following the severe real estate downturn in the late 1990s, he began to specialize in troubled debt resolution, including sitting on the Creditor’s Committee rising from the bankruptcy of one of the largest real estate developer/investors in the in the Washington, D.C. area. From there he moved into private practice assisting distressed businesses through financial restructuring - both in and outside of bankruptcy. Working with debtors of troubled loans and helping companies to restructure allowed for a high degree of creativity and personal satisfaction when a resolution was reached.

Mark drew on his deep business experience following the 2008 financial crisis to start a new local Chamber of Commerce focused on helping small businesses survive the steep economic downturn. That organization has since been recognized for its unique and effective support of businesses in the community. He has served as its President and in other officer positions as well as on the board of directors.

Mark lives on a working farm and has raised five children. He has always had an interest in all things mechanical and has been known to ‘tinker’ in his fully equipped workshop where he maintains all of the farm equipment and many automobiles. Additionally, his free-time is often spent on maintaining and updating his 1800s farmhouse. Never one to shy away from a challenge, he designed and installed the home’s well water purification system and the state of the art heating and cooling system.